6.30 pm | 14th of December | Alliance Française auditorium

In its 7th year of awards, Ashish Khokar’s ATTENDANCE History Society with AFB and BSM , bring 2016 season awards to five worthies.

  • Kalamandalam Suresh to receive Ram Gopal Best MALE solo dancer award.
  • Tushar Pooja BHATT to receive Nataraja Shakuntala Award for best dance couple.
  • S.Janaki to receive Mohan Khokar Award for DANCE writing and service to arts.
  • Dr Choodamani Nandagopal to receive RUKMINI DEVI Award for significant contribution to scholarship in art history
  • Smt. Usha Venkateswaran to receive Uday Shankar award for choreography.

Performance by young awardees and film on seniors. Join us for concluding event of Dance discourse 2016.

Curated and conducted by Ashish KHOKAR.

14 dec - attendance sm