French jobs in Bangalore


Applications from eligible candidates are called for the position of Course Director at the Alliance Française de Bangalore

AFB/PO/41/2021-22                                                                                         Date:14th January,2021
On behalf of the President of Alliance Francaise de Bangalore applications from the eligible candidates are invited for the position of the Course Director,
positioned at the campus of Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.

Name of the Post: Course Director

Number of Post(s) : 01 (one)

Date of Release of Advertisement – 14th January 2021

Last Date for Candidates to apply – 20th January 2021

Job overview: The Course director is responsible for the academic management of the Alliance Française de Bangalore and ensures that teaching and learning
practices of all course programs are standardised and delivered by a competent faculty team.

Academic Qualifications:C2 / MA (French)/ Master of FLE


  • Teaching experience in an Alliance Française centre/or in a UGC recognised academic institution or university of not less than 5 years
  • Candidates with experience in administering a department and developing courses will be preferred.
  • Candidates should have taught levels from A1 – C1
  • Working/Good knowledge of Arc-En-Ciel program

Key responsibilities: The following sections outline a more detailed description of duties and responsibilities.

Academic – Courses / Programs

  • Knowledge of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)
  • Ensure smooth running of all pedagogical activities: sessions, deadlines, tests, exams, DELF/DALF and TEF sessions.
  • Experience in the implementation of the Quality Approach (Démarche Qualité) Plan, develop and manage all course related  programs and requirements from start to completion (intra-muros, annexes, companies and on-line)
  • Supervise all programs/courses
  • Develop and monitor evaluation methods, tools and strategies adapted to the curriculum
  • Create feedback tools
  • Organise cultural activities for students
  • Maintain quality and consistency

Human Resources – Academic support

  • Recruit, mentor new teachers (as and when the need arises)
  • Assess faculty needs and scope for improvement
  • Train faculty / Manage faculty training (training programs in India/France )
  • Evaluate and standardise teaching practices
  • Monitor and encourage ‘career progression’
  • Organise teacher meetings
  • Faculty appraisal and annual salary review proposal
  • Ensure transparency in communication and course allotment

Promotion and Marketing

  • Promote all courses of the Alliance Française de Bangalore
  • Devise strategies to increase the number of registrations
  • Help in designing promotional material (brochures, flyers)
  • Create and manage all information related to courses on the web-site


  • Coordinate with all the other departments (Culture, Library, Front Office)
  • Create and maintain a working relationship with the Alliance Françaisenetwork in India, with academic institutions and the corporate sector


We are looking for a candidate who has leadership qualities, is creative good organisational skills, passionate about her/his work and upholds the spirit of the

Alliance Française de Bangalore.

Salary: Rs.60,000/month plus an accommodation allowance of Rs.10,000.

Job Description

Reports to :

  • Manager (Admin) for personnel administration
  • Director for Academics & Pedagogy

Candidates are advised to send their Resume to Manager(Admin), Alliance

Francaise de Banagalore.

Email: [email protected]