Translation and interpreting

Alliance Française de Bangalore has been a catalyst to the deepening relations between India and France. Mass media has not only created a global village, but the process has brought the people of India and France into closer contact through coordination in research, student exchange programs, industrial and commercial collaborations and co-operation in science and technology.

In this dynamic scenario, fields like aeronautics, software development, tourism and higher education and research have demanded closer attention. And naturally, Alliance Française de Bangalore is the logical provider. It is in response to this interest that the Translation Service was created in August 1994.

The Translation Service has handled an interesting amalgam of jobs from industry, commerce, aeronautics, science and technology to fashion, cuisine and wine-selling. To name a few, the range of translation includes: technical maintenance and operation manuals, legal, aeronautics, telecommunications, computer software, pharmaceutics, advertising, banking, e-commerce, MoUs and certified academic certificates.

In-house availability of advanced technical dictionaries and the access to the Centre for Information on France facilitate to deliver good work at the shortest time. With the best possible quality control and cost-effectiveness, some firms from abroad find it easier and advantageous to access Alliance Française de Bangalore for both translation and interpretation.

Contact : Ms. Latha Narayanan, In-charge, Translation : (91) 98454 81812

Email: [email protected]