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member10The 250-seater auditorium and the perfectly designed Atrium are the favorite haunts of people interested in cultural activities as well as art. Centrally located, AFB is the chosen venue for a number of recitals, plays, concerts and performances. Annual events like Fête de la Musique (World Music Day), Lire en Fête (The Literature Fair) contribute largely to enhancing the cultural scene in the city. The AFB also holds a number of extra-curricular cultural classes such as Tai-Chi, Aikido, Karate, Jazz Ballet, Salsa, Yoga etc. and assists in workshops and lectures on diverse cultural subjects.

The AFB activities are directed by a governing body whose members are elected from among its active and Life members.

All the members of the AFB receive our monthly agenda and periodical Newsletter as well as invitations and passes to all the cultural events organized by us.

If you would like to become a privileged part of the ever-expanding francophile community in Bangalore, all you need to do is visit the AFB and fill in the membership form available at our institute.

For any queries, please contact our reception at  080- 45 05 77 77 or by email [email protected] or [email protected]