Culture brings the world closer. At the Alliance Française de Bangalore we believe in this concept and are constantly working towards providing better opportunities to all. In order to help open new doors to different countries and people, we not only promote the French artists, but we are forever encouraging Indian and world artists to display their works.

The Alliance Française de Bangalore organizes, with the support of the Délégation Générale de l’Alliance Française de Paris en Inde, the Embassy of France in Delhi and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prestigious cultural events which attract the best in the world of music, dance, theatre, science, etc. These events are open to our members as well as to the general public. This friendship between France and India has led to many official cultural exchanges.

Cultural events attract people from all parts of the French and Indian communities. The student body includes members of business, civic and educational communities as well as retirees and students from high school and college, which makes the exchange richer. The events – art exhibitions, lectures, films and theatre festivals – related to the French or French-speaking world thus serve as a vehicle for cultural dialogue.

We provide a friendly and welcoming ambiance to all, with a café, a French cheese counter and the TV5 French channel running through the day. We also have a lot of extra-curricular activities such as Dance, Yoga, Taichi and Guitar lessons given by experienced teachers.

Some information on our premises: we have an auditorium, an atrium, a gallery, a basement as well as our classrooms which we hire out depending on the needs and the nature of the cultural event.