7.00 pm | 14th of December | Alliance Française auditorium

14 dec

About the film:

‘Rasan Piya’ is a documentary on the life of renowned classical vocalist and poet Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan who, at the age of 105, continues not just to compose but to teach, travel and perform across India. His story is that of an extraordinary musician, poet and teacher; of someone who has not only preserved but also added much to an ancient Indian art form; of a brave man who overcame his physical limitations to create beautiful music and inspire a whole generation of musicians and music lovers.Through intimate conversations with him, the film explores how a poem comes into being. How melody is created. How he derives his inspiration and plays with rhythm, the various influences that have shaped his life and music. His interaction with his students provide glimpses of India’s guru shishya parampara – that age old tradition, of knowledge being transmitted heart to heart.

For more information visit rasanpiya.com