5:00 pm | 7th of August| Alliance Française classroom 7

This play reading is a part of the Alliance française de Bangalore and Bangalore Little Theatre partnership.

Some highly imaginative and enterprising playwright of yore, created a character non-existent in the epic Mahabharatha and got her married to the Pandava prince Abhimanyu amidst a mélange of mystery, mischief and magic spells and made the theatre buffs of the time in the western Hindi belt believe that such a character really existed! In the epic, there is no daughter by the name Sasirekha or Surekha or Vatsala for the Yadava lord Balarama. The popular play found its way to cinema.

In his 2013 book, Bollywood Nation: India through Its Cinema, Vamsee Juluri wrote, “Maya Bazar’s appeal is of course as much in its story as in its stars. But the performances and the beautiful songs and sets aside, the film also reveals an interesting feature of the Telugu mythological in its Golden Age—it is a story about something not very important from a doctrinal view of religion at all”. Juluri also termed Ranga Rao’s performance as “mighty and majestic”.