Film: Aujourd’hui

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Date(s) - 25/03/2014
6:30 pm

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore


France/Senegal (2012)
Played with understated intensity by American actor-musician Saul Williams (Slam), Satche is an apparently healthy man who wakes one morning at his mother’s house on the outskirts of Dakar aware that he will die at the end of that day. This is a place where death warns of its arrival 24 hours in advance, inspiring feelings of dread tempered by matter-of-fact acceptance.

Satche’s friends and family also know of the death sentence without being informed. A large group waits to greet him outside his room, some of them emotional, others stoic and supportive. They gather in a circle to acknowledge the grace of death and augur a beautiful final day, expressing thanks for the goodness of Satche’s life before bluntly outlining his shortcomings. That critical voice is led by his rancorous wife, Rama (Anisia Uzeyman).
-David Rooney on