CINEMA: My French Film Festival 2017

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Date(s) - 30/01/2017 - 02/02/2017
7:00 pm

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore


CINEMA: My French Film Festival 2017

7.00 pm | 30th of January  – 2nd of February | Alliance Française auditorium is an innovative concept the goal of which is to showcase the young generation of French filmmakers and enable Internet users all over the whole to share their love of French cinema. For its 7th edition, the festival returns with new films, new partner platforms, and launches in theatres in several territories.

Alliance française de Bangalore will organise a screening of selected films in the auditorium. Schedule can be found below.

From 13 January to 13 February 2016 film buffs all over the world will be able to access all the films proposed by the 6th edition of the on-line French film festival.

Twelve French features, eleven French shorts and three documentaries are a part of the festival this year. Internauts are invited to score all of the films and leave their comments on the website. For more information, please visit :

Bangalore Schedule:

{Please note that the films may be subject to change.}

Monday 30 Jan

A Decent Man | Je ne suis pas un salaud | 2015 | 1 h 51 min

After he is violently attacked in the street, Eddie wrongly identifies Ahmed, an ideal suspect whom he’d noticed a few days before the attack. While the legal machine gets underway with Ahmed, Eddie attempts to win back his wife and son through a new job. But Eddie soon becomes aware of the seriousness of his accusation and he’ll do anything to establish the truth – even if it means he risks losing everything.

Tuesday 31 Jan

The New Kid | Le Nouveau | 2014 | 1 h 21 min

Benoit is the new kid at a junior high school. His first week turns out not the way he’d hoped.
He’s bullied by a gang of arrogant popular boys, led by Charles, who make things difficult for him, and the only students who treat him with any kindness are the “losers.”
Fortunately there’s Johanna, a pretty Swedish girl, with whom Benoit forms a friendship. But just when he falls under her spell, she joins Charles’ gang.

Wednesday 1st February

Juliet’s Band | La Bande à Juliette | 2016 | 48 min

Maglone and Juliette are nineteen. After graduating from high school, Juliette decides to study visual arts. There she makes new friends and invites them to stay at her family’s holiday house in Normandy, where she will introduce them to Maglone.
Juliette and I have known each other since sixth grade. I don’t know her band of friends, but any friend of hers is a friend of mine.

The Last Frenchman |Le Dernier des Céfrans |2015 | 30 min 17 seconds

Rémi is struggling and wants it to stop. It’s decided, he is going to enlist. The snag, is that he is scared to tell his four best buddies: Boom, Nasser, Redouane and Moussa. Besides, it seems that he is, at this time, he is the last céfran of the estate.

Thursday 2 Feb: 4 short films

The Geneva Convention | La Convention de Genève| 2016 | 15 min

Just when he is about to take the bus home after his day at high school, Hakin is caught up in a settling of scores between a group of teenagers. The prospect of a fight holds absolutely no appeal for him, but can he avoid the confrontation?

Veil of Silence | Un grand silence | 2016 | 29 min 48 seconds

It is 1968 and Marianne is nineteen years old. She has been sent to a home for young girls, far from her family and friends. Here she meets other girls whose secrets have turned their lives upside down.

Flesh and Volcanoes | La Chair et les volcans | 2015 | 21 min 50 seconds

Laura lives alone with her father in a small village in Auvergne. Fourteen years old, the young teen deals with everyday constraints and makes her way through life, finding refuge in her own private world.

Group Violence | Violence en réunion | 2015 | 15 min 3 seconds

Every night for the past week, a mysterious woman wearing a burka has taunted police officers patrolling the neighbourhood, sparking confrontations with the young residents of the projects. Meanwhile, Vince, a worn and weary former street legend, is busy fighting his own demons to avoid ending up back in the streets.