Art Exhibition

City: Bangalore
Location: Atrium, AFB
Date: Wed, 2012/10/10 – 11:00am – Sat, 2012/10/20 – 7:00am

Abstracts by Safdar Shamee

An Alliance Francaise & Habitart Collaboration

10th-20th October

11 AM – 7 PM 

Atrium, AFB

Safdar’s compositions may look spontaneous and unplanned, on the contrary they are carefully rehearsed in a preliminary drawing carried out on the canvas itself.

His works show an unquenchable thirst for experiment, a tireless ability to absorb and transform new influences. He says, “It’s difficult for me to speak of my paintings as they are expressions of a particular state of mind, consequences of emotions so subjective that it is almost impossible to describe the whole creative process objectively.”

For further details, contact: [email protected]