Fat Pig: A Comedy Play by Mad Hats Theatre | May 4 (3pm) & May 5 (8 pm)

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Date(s) - 04/05/2019 - 05/05/2019
3:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Alliance Francaise de bangalore


Mad Hats Theatre (www.madhatstheatre.in) is bringing Neil LaBute’s multi-award winning comedy “FAT PIG” to Bangalore audiences for the very first time.

MAY 4, 3 PM | MAY 5, 8 PM at Alliance Française de Bangalore.

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Plot Summary
A smart adman runs into a vibrant librarian at a cafe for lunch. She is funny and lively, and they instantly connect. Serendipity! This chance encounter leads to dates, and more dates and they soon fall for each other. Head-over-heels! The only problem is that she is plus sized. Very! And for reasons he is not fully sure about, he tries to keep this affair a secret from his fervently curious friends & colleagues. Until the truth spills out and the narrative of their love story becomes messy. Very messy!
Told in an exceptionally witty style by Neil LaBute, this love story is served with a vicious edge of bittersweet truths. You’ll find yourself laughing out aloud one moment, and feel a bit guilty for laughing the very next. Laced with keen observations of human behaviour, this play subtly tackles deeper issues of body shaming, bullying and prejudices with great aplomb.
The Secret Sauce of Mad Hats Theatre
At a deeper level beyond all the jokes, the play challenges stereotypes – the way people perceive their own reflections in the mirror or judge others around them based on a notion of the right shape or the perfect complexion or a flawless symmetry! For this reason, we have designed the set based on concepts of analytical cubism, where mirrors are used to great effect in creating visual montages for the audience. What’s more, the set construction uses geometric abstraction to create spaces that are very real yet intriguingly non-conformist. We believe that this extravagant visual treatment is the first of its kind and elevates the narrative to a whole new dimension.
Cast: Shatarupa Bhattacharyya, Avinash Muddappa, Varun Kainth, Dhanya Menon Director: Puneet Gupta Set & Props: Sweta Garg, Anurag Maheshwari, Akriti Shandilya, Krishna Sukumaran, Prachi Kalra, Vivek Bhagat, Saiyam Keshari
Costumes: Saiyam Keshari, Chhavi Lahoti Lights: Murtuza Khetty Music: Arvind Dayalan Soundtrack: Deepak Jadhav Publicity: Puneet Gupta, Dhanya Menon, Shatarupa Bhattacharyya Production Manager: Sejal Maheshwari


  1. Winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway Play in 2005
  2. Nominated for Laurence Olivier Awards for Best New Comedy in 2005


  1. (New York Theatre) Fat Pig reveals Neil LaBute’s strengths (cruel wit) as a playwright.
  2. (New York Times) The built-in self-destruction device for Mr. LaBute’s lovers is the unavoidable problem that one of them is a man.
  3. (Curtain Up) In LaBute’s play, the laughs are not just for entertainment but a means for jogging us into thinking more deeply about the attitude that equates super-thin, athletic and youthful looks with success — an obsession that has made multi-millionaires out of diet doctors and surgeons doing plastic surgery and procedures like stomach stapling.
  4. (Variety) Has LaBute ever loved and understood a character more than Helen? She urges her conflicted lover, “Just be clear and honest.” Its advice that her author has unfailingly followed.
About Mad Hats Theatre
Found in 2006, Mad Hats Theatre was founded by 4 ex-IITians with the sole aim of providing amateur artists (writers, directors, actors, designers, musicians etc.) a platform to express through the medium of theatre. It emerged as a culmination of a collaborative theatre project organized by a Bangalore based art trust called Slice of Life (SoL). Mad Hatters, as we call ourselves, feel passionately about theatre and believe in creative storytelling. Through our performances, we have carved a unique niche for themselves. Mad Hats Theatre is synonymous with visually appealing & performance oriented plays that offer wholesome entertainment. Some of our past productions include Snakes-n-Ladders, Guilty As (Not) Charged, Where Cookies Tell Fortunes and The Pillowman.

Instagram: mht.bengaluru