Theatre Performance – Snakes-n-Ladders

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Sat, 2012/02/04 (All day) – Sun, 2012/02/05 (All day)

By Mad Hats Theater, enabled by Slice of Life

Saturday 4 February, 3.30 pm & 7.00 pm, Sunday 5 February 3.30 pm & 7.00 pm I Auditorium, AFB


Isn’t it odd that your manager asks you to “tighten your belt” even though you aren’t wearing one?

Do you often end up losing your mind in a “win-win situation”?

Have you often been asked to “flesh out” an idea though you are a strict vegetarian?

If you feel that your workplace is a mental asylum – then do visit Fair-View-Enterprises in Feb 2012. Mad Hats Theater presents their new drama called Snakes-n-Ladders – an ode to the corporate world in a modern city like Bangalore. The play uses comedy and satire to tell the story of two individuals – Stella and Anand – as they take the journey together in the corporate jungle. With a cast of eccentric colleagues, rib-tickling interviews and insane situations at work, the play explores complex dynamics that their careers bring in for Stella and Anand.

Expected side effects of watching the play include an insatiable desire to bunk office and a heightened allergy to corporate clichés.

Duration: 70 min, Genre: Humor
Entry:  tickets at bookmyshow.com and indianstage.in, 200 INR, Contact: 9900102587, 9880270892