Theatre Performance – Hello Tagore

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium
City: Bangalore
Date: Mon, 2011/10/17 – 7:30pm
Price: Rs 100

Hello Tagore! is a preview show involving songs (performed live with a rock band and various other musical ensembles), choreographed dance movements, play acting, audio-visuals and compering.



The show in most part will be in Bengali with English translations provided on screen. The performing artistes are from Calcutta and Bangalore. This show has been written, devised and directed by Ranjon Ghoshal.


Performing artistes: Indira Bandyopadjyay, Sromona Chakroborty, Mou Baral, Sudeshna Rudra Sanyal, Rabin


Chowdhury, Mohan Phani, Biswaroop Rudra, Priyanka Bhattacharya and others.



Performing Bands for the background musical score: Errorz, BSM Guitar Quintet & Kromatica


Acting director: Sayan Bhattacharya


Choreographers: Sambrita & Raj Basu



Production controller: Sankalita Das,


Executive Producer; Sangeeta Ghoshal