Theatre performance – An Arrangement of Shoes

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Type: Event
Location: Auditorium
City: Bangalore
Date: Sat, 2011/11/26 (All day)





An Arrangement of Shoes is the story of one family told by Rukhsar, a young small town girl who has moved to Delhi. The production sets this story of one family against the backdrop of the history of modern India, and the Gulf War. This production asks searching questions about the condition of minority communities in modern India. Our production contextualizes the story of Rukhsar’s family within the depiction of Muslims in mainstream cinema using video projections of Bollywood songs. These videos form a part of Rukhsar mental and emotional landscape, blending in to her story and commenting upon it.


The play is structured as a non-linear narrative, weaving together ‘flashbacks’ and ‘intercuts’ and ‘closeups’ in the cinematic style so loved by Rukhsar’s family. The same performer plays all the roles in An Arrangement of Shoes, presenting an enormous challenge to the performer and a theatrical event with enormous possibilities.


If An Arrangement of Shoes is a story of a family’s love and loss, it is also the story of the shrinking spaces for alternate identities in modern India, one with grave consequences to our nation.









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Vivek V. Narayan


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