Theatre performance – 4PLAY

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City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Sat, 2012/02/18 – 7:00pm

BlueOcean Theater presents their first production

Saturday 18 February I 7.00 pm I Auditorium, AFB

A collection of 4 short plays in English and Gibberish based on the works of Anton Chekhov and Jayaprakash Kulur


A widow who fancies herself to be inconsolably bereaved pitted against a creditor who fancies himself as someone who can play hard-ball if he must to collect his dues. Who emerges victorious in this rib-tickling battle of the sexes in a Chekovian style play.


What can be the turning point in the day of an ordinary man? In this play based on Chekhov’s “Death of a Clerk”, set in Bangalore’s Cubbon Park, our protagonist finds his life taking a turn beyond his wildest imaginations

What does a police official do when he finds a citizen doggedly fishing in prohibited waters? Language is no barrier in this comic battle of the official and officiated, of the victim and the victimized, performed in gibberish


Based on Kulur’s original play which was adapted in VKP’s Kannada film Aidu Ondla Aidu. The play is about a newlywed couple, and how their lack of communication impacts the sweet beginnings of their marital bliss.

Contact: 9916458385, Entry: 300 INR