Theater: SIC – a W.I.P

City: Bangalore
Location: AFB Auditorium
Date: Sun, 2013/06/16 – 4:30pm

SIC – a W.I.P

Presented by Dramanon 

Sunday June 16

4.00 pm & 7.30 pm

AFB Auditorium

The play takes place in the doorways and shared hallway of three neighboring apartments. Theo – the amusement park music composer, Babette – the ever-broke writer and Frank – the queer, aspiring auctioneer trudge through the haunting morass of everyday drudgery and the biting emptiness of big city life. The three come together to discuss, flirt, argue, share their dreams and plan their future with unequal degrees of deep hopefulness and abject despair.

Ticketing : INR 200

Telebooking: 9945281772

Online Booking : www.bookmyshow.com ; www.indianstage.in