Theater: P.S.I don’t love you

City: Bangalore
Location: AFB Auditorium
Date: Sun, 2013/01/13 – 7:30pm

We move theater presents P.S.I don’t love you

13th January, 7:30pm, AFB Auditorium

Tickets: INR 150

A romantic comedy in English, this play revolves around characters brilliantly common and distinct at the same time. Get ready for your “This is so me!” moment. Written and Directed by Abhishek Iyengar, the play revolves around ‘A couple’ everyone envies! They have everything in common; just the perfect families, perfect age and head over heels in love probably a match made in heaven. On their way to a pompous marriage, a customary mushy honeymoon, jubilant households and “A Happily Ever after”, hell breaks out! The lady gets a brainwave from the same heavens! A strong jolt, a sudden-strong-stable realization of perfection being the ultimate flaw, calmness being the utter boredom and an impulsive compulsion for an adrenaline rush. Embarking on this journey sans adventure seems such a cliché. Not something “every” girl dreams of.