Theater: Art by Evam

City: Bangalore
Location: AFB Auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/12/14 – 7:30pm

ART by evam
December 14th
7:30 p.m.
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
Tickets INR 300
Language : English
Evam’s first ever play revolves around the friendship of Serge, Marc and Yvan, three close friends of longstanding. When Sarge indulges in his penchant for modern art by buying an expensive and almost completely white painting, Marc is horrified and describes the painting as “shit”, and their relationship suffers considerable strain. Yvan, caught in the middle, tries to please both of them, but his vacillation only adds fuel to the blazing row!

What follows, is seriously funny, the story’ll make you chuckle, nod in serious agreement, and think hard of yourself, and your best friends. ‘Art’ has strong reason for having been one of Evam’s most popular plays over the years!

Director’s Note:

They say great Art survives years… ours has survived and thrived through the last 9, however great it may be!

This production of ours, our first, reminds us each time of the roots of ‘evam’ and its ‘art’ itself — ‘Art’ lies in the eyes of its beholder, and that in itself is a journey complete. But sometimes ‘Art’ is created when a creator creates and becomes the beholder – the shortest and the most powerful journey… no more beholders but that one. ‘evam’ oscillates between these extremes, walking that fine line of making the world happy and keeping ourselves even more so…

Our production has become more bare and simple over the years – with the elimination of backstage and the actors becoming the only laborers through the process… ‘ART by evam’ celebrates its 10th year, and like the great writing has, may our production of it keep going, because we do need our reminders – that we are human and therefore we can forgive… we just need to know that.