Shamiana Short Films – Horror Special!

An Evening with my Comatose mother.png
City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/04/27 – 7:30pm

Friday 27 April I 7.30 pm I Auditorium, AFB

1)  An Evening with My Comatose Mother 

When Dorothy is invited over to the Poe’s on Halloween night, no one ever told her about their decomposing, comatose mother living in the upstairs bedroom. She’ll wish somebody had when the storm hits, and Mother wakes up.

 Director: Jonathan Martin,  33 min, Country: USA


“Divination” is the story of a fake psychic who has been performing bogus seances for years. One night she receives a visitor, a young woman. It’s not long before the fake psychic discovers that you can’t con and rob the loved ones of the dearly departed and not pay a price.

Director: JT Seaton,  12 mins, Country: USA


A portrayal of how reality is experienced for those who are in coma, and further how the system works in this seemingly macabre and hostile place

Director:  Aleksander Nordaas,  10 mins, Country: Norway


When Wendy enters a public toilet heartbroken, unconsciously her tears awaken a darker force and it appears that she is not alone anymore.

 Director: Shariff Nasr, 6 mins, Country: Netherlands


 Funny situations can sometimes lead to scary scenes… A horror short!

 Director: Ravi Iyer, 7 mins, Country: India