One day theatre appreciation program

City: Bangalore
Location: Dance Studio
Date: Sat, 2012/04/14 – 10:00am

Presented by the Alliance Française de Bangalore in association with Bangalore Little Theatre


 §  How and why did mankind invent the theatre?

§  Is there a difference between theatre and drama?

§  Are there some things common to drama in all cultures?

§  What is a “good” play? What to look for in a play?

§  What goes into the making of a play?

§  Why do some plays succeed? Why do others flop?

If you have wondered about questions like these, you will enjoy taking part in the one-day program on April 14.

The program is specially designed for Alliance Francaise by Bangalore Little Theatre, our cultural partner in the area of Theatre. It will be conducted by an experienced team from BLT, led by Vijay Padaki, a Theatre Educator with over fifty years of experience as an actor, director, designer and administrator. The sessions during the day will be interactive, and will include, exercises, films and active participation by all present.

Open to all members and students of Alliance Française. Please register before the 10th of April. Call: 40808181