Mime – Laurent DECOL – Words of silence


City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium, AFB
Date: Tue, 2011/01/25 – 7:30pm

It’s surprising how hands can tell a story or how a simple contortion of facial muscles can give different meanings. Decol’s act shows that while the body is not a tongue, the limbs are clever enough to tell stories.


The show proposed has just been created at the International Festival of Mime and Physical Theatre in Skopje, Macedonia. It is composed of nine pieces which are linked together one after another for around 75 minutes. The character is far removed from classical pantomime in that is presents characteristics opposite to moon-like or dreamy characters, including Marcel Marceau’s Bip.

The character is arrogant and full of himself, doubts nothing, therefore ridiculous, at times pathetic and often pitiful….evidently, his actions often provoke the audiences to laugh.


The Sculptor

An artist works on a block of stone so relentlessly that he finishes by having only a ridiculous small piece


The Public Park or Garden (M. Marceau)

Characters one can meet in a public park (the stature, the lovers, the priest, the ice-cream man, the balloon seller, the stroller and his dog…)


The Circus

The weightlifter, the magician, the sword eater and the tight-rope walker succeed each other in a circus where nothing works well.

The Seed

Planting a seed and waiting for a sapling to sprout and then cutting the tree and harvesting the grain and it all continues…

Rock music

A playback musician and nothing works as planned

A society gathering

To be invited to such an evening necessitates being well-bred and courteous or else…

David and Goliath

The mythical clash of two legendary characters…

The mask maker (M. Marceau)

An artist is trying masks made by him on his face, but one of these becomes a part of him

The ball

A dancer at odds with the height of her partners


Laurent was a pupil of great mime Marcel Marceau, who died at age of 84. “He was like a father to me”, he said. Laurent said that Marceau died the same year that his real Father died, and almost at the same age.Director of the theatre company with more than 2,000 performances and workshops in 100 countries. Laurent DECOL also acted in other productions –  Théâtre de la Roulotte for example. In addition to that, he has worked as a professor at Marceau’s International Mimodrama School.