Le temps d’arrêt – A Pause by Miguel Nosibor

Visuel Tempsd'arret©Yann-Marquis HR.jpg
City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Sat, 2012/05/05 – 7:00pm

Hip Hop meets contemporary dance in an exceptional dance solo by one of the pioneers of the Hip Hop mouvement

An exciting opening act by Attakkalari’s Young Choreographers platform – Swa Atman – choreographed by Denny Paul

About the Show:

“Temps d’arrêt” offers a simple and clear course: three videos punctuate the piece and take us to the artist’s inner depths. The opening one acts as a foil, showing the fast-forwarded city and hysterical consumption; the next, at the heart of the solo, shows the dancing dancer’s body: close up, effects jerking what we see, as if it were about going beyond the boundary he shows us on stage; the final one, rapid, blurred and barely visible, unveils images from childhood as if they were veiled. The show is there, in this unveiling, accompanied by (good) synthesised music which at any given point always emphasises the changes in mood. But the most remarkable thing comes in the dance itself: Miguel Nosibor comes from the world of hip hop, he possesses all its techniques and is impressive in the shakes, extremely precise in his placements and holds, and powerful on the floor. Buthe conceives and performs his solo like a contemporary dancer: by constructing an intention in the space rather than offering a succession of virtuoso numbers. By going right into his inner depthsrather than using his body’s strength like armour that people’s gazes are unable to penetrate. Others from the world of hip hop have done it before him, more by what they say than what they do with their body which is often used for showing off. Obviously, this art form from the street continues to shake up the stage dramatically!”


Agnès Freschel, Editor-in-chief

Article published in Zibeline, a monthly cultural magazine for the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur (PACA) region –


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