Krafff – Puppetry, Theater & Dance

City: Bangalore
Location: Ranga Shankara
Date: Sat, 2012/10/06 – 7:30pm



Saturday, 6th October, 7:30 pm

at Ranga Shankara

Le Fracas, Centre Dramatique National Montluçon, France and The Alliance Française de Bangalore present Krafff.  Four comedians appear on stage with long strips of paper that they unfold, cut, fold, compress and twist – a human-like effigy emerges, a paper figure, slightly taller than the four comedians who manipulate it in full view of the audiences.

The dancer and the puppet embark on an unusual pas de deux, which concretely tests on stage the question asked by Kleist in his famous philosophical short essay “On the Marionette Theatre”: which of the two is more gracious – the puppet or the living human body? In Krafff, each has its own advantages and its own limits. Duet … duel, this choreographic score actually involves a triple listening and writing of the body: that of the flesh and blood body, that of the paper dancer, and that of the four bodies dedicated to this unique body, giving shape and rhythmic impulse to its movements.

An intelligent and artistic mix of puppet theatre and dance, Krafff is a visual delight. Esthetic and surprising, it takes audiences into a dream world where poetry meets compassion.

For all age groups (from 5 years of age)