Khayal and Thumris by Sumathi Murthy

City: Bangalore
Location: AFB Auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/10/05 – 7:00pm


Khayal and Thumris by Sumathi Murthy

Friday, 5th October, 7:00 pm

AFB Auditorium, Entry Free

Sumathi Murthy will be accompanied on the tabla by Pandith Guru Murthy Vaidya and on the harmonium by Sri. S.R. Ramakarishna. Though the Agra Gharana style is understood to be a very masculine style of singing. Some artists like Zohra Bai Agrawali have explored this genre in a very unique way. Agra Gharana is known for its delineation by building structures of the khayal to help listeners understand the lyrics and the emotions. It is creates an abstract visual experience.

Sumathi Murthy is a Hindustani classical musician and composer. She learnt Hindustani classical vocal music under Late Pundith Ramarao Naik for 17 years. She has performed all over India and participated in major music festivals. She has worked with eminent theatre personalities like B.Jayashree and has composed for various theatre groups. Sumathi lives in Bangalore and is also active in the queer rights movement.

It is to be noted that Sumati Murthy’s guru, late Pandit Ramarao Naik learnt Hindustani classical music from the Agra Gharana Ustads like Ustad Atta Hussain Khan and Ustad Faiyaz Khan.