City: Bangalore
Location: Chowdiah Memorial Hall
Date: Mon, 2011/01/31 – 7:30pm

Chowdiah Memorial Hall

S'POART  Christian Rausch (1).eventnode

Monday 31 January, 7.30 pm, duration 50 minutes



Hip hop is a philosophy, not a geographic place. The work of the company evolves in time thanks to the dancers meetings with circus and theatre artists, as well as musicians and dancers.  These artistic meetings allow each of them  to find themselves  once again, rich with their  different experiences.

Today the company affirms its existence as an original artistic and human identity. In Vivo is a result of this ideology and the continuing work on materials, architecture and the body.


About the company


S’poart should not be read literally, it is pronounced ‘espoir’ (or hope in French).

The hope and desire, at the beginning, to transform dancing, based on performance into a space of manifestation and creation. S’poart was created in 1996 by a group of friends, young dance enthusiasts who were attracted by the stage. After many artistic contributions to the companies named Käfig and Accrorap, S’poart became a professional company in 2001.Through its history, S’poart is more than a company, it is a family. The company is in la Roche sur Yon, Vendée, a rural town. The members of the S’poart Company have led projects in France and abroad for a number of years to transmit their art to the public as well as making it understood.


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