Green Room Project (Day 7)

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium, AFB
Date: Sun, 2013/09/29 – 5:00pm

“All of the arts, poetry, music, ritual, the visible arts, the theater, must singly and together create the most comprehensive art of all, a humanized society, and its masterpiece – free man”


Welcome to Day 7 of ‘Green Room Project – Bangalore 2013’!

The first and only one of a kind of a project by Barking Dog that opens up the walls for theatre enthusiasts all over Bangalore.

A communion of theatre where anyone and everyone interested in theatre gets to learn and participate, breaking the norms of theatre on display in the city.

70 plays, 70 directors and 250 actors, all coming together to put on 70 unique performances displaying a rainbow range of human emotions.

A collective of short plays put up by theatre enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Shows: 5pm and 7.30pm