Green Room Project (Day 6)

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium, AFB
Date: Sun, 2013/09/22 – 5:30pm
Price: Rs 249
Category: Other

A Collection of Short Comedy Plays


From the start it has been the theatre’s business to entertain people. It needs no other passport than fun. Barking Dog presents ‘Green Room Project’, a one of a kind project that is bound to change the entire outlook of theatre in our city. 70 Plays – 70 Directors – 250 Actors – 50 Technicians – 7 Days – 1 City – 1 Mother Of A Theatre Project

70 unique teams commandeering, 70 unique plays to entertain Bangalore’s audiences.

Come join us on Day 6 of our communion of theatre that goes beyond professionals, as all these first time actors and directors have one thing in common – their passion for the arts.

No strictly professionals, no camps, no prejudice! Just plain ol’ theatre!

Venue: AFB Auditorium, Tickets Rs249, Contact: 9886139098 Shows 5pm and 7.30pm