Film screenings – Les Grands Maîtres – The Great French Artists

Type: Event
Location: NGMA
City: Bangalore
Date: Sat, 2011/07/09 (All day)

Saturday 9 July @ 3 pm




Alain Resnais et Robert Hessens


Guernica – Alain Resnais borrows form Paul Eluard’s poetic tribute to the martyred town, blended with Pablo Picasso’s paintings from 1902 to 1949.


1950  – 13’





Gilles Coudert et Sébastien Pluot


This documentary traces the itinerary and approach of the artist Fabrice Hybert from 1984 to 2004. The various aspects of his work, and its mixed genres, are described by the artist. Archives on his works and events place him in the field of art and explain his vision of society and the world.


2004 – 52’



Sunday 10 July @ 11.30 am


La victoire de Cézanne


Jacques Deschamps


Fans of Cézanne and the organizers of the Cézanne en Provence exhibition unravel the mysteries surrounding the painter. How did he rise from “accursed painter” disparaged by the critics to the status of a master and father of modern arts? How did the popular figure of the singular painter, the “contemplative monk” alone on his mountain, come to be the very incarnation of the artist?


2006 – 52’


Saturday 16 July @ 3 pm


Le Réveil d’Apollon Coulisses d’une restauration au muse du Louvre


Jérôme Prieur


At the heart of the Louvre museum, the Apollo gallery provides a fairytale and monumental setting. Jérôme Prieur’s film, shot over more than two years, brings the Apollo Gallery to life while the historians and curators lay down, one by one, the milestones of a rich and fascinating story.


2004 – 85’


Sunday 17 July @ 11.30 am





Mischa Scorer


Edgar Degas’ beautiful ballet paintings express a fascination with backstage life at the Paris Opera at a time when art was supposed to paint an embellished picture of the world.  The film is based on the meticulous research undertaken for a major American exhibition that overturned the stereotypical image of the painter of “Pretty Ballet Scenes”.


2003 – 55’



Saturday 23 July @ 3 pm





Willy Ronis spent his life between Paris, his favorite city for over 70 years, and Provence, his second home. Set against the backdrop of his self-portraits taken each year from the age of 16, the film presents a captivating interview with the photographer who talks about his art and his career.  He tells the stories behind his now-famous photos from the historical shot to the private moment.


2003 – 55’


Sunday 24 July @ 11.30 am




A portrait of painter Gustave Courbet, from his first large-scale canvas and the controversy sparked by his realistic nudes, to his confrontations with critics and revolutionary activities during the Paris Commune. Courbet’s paintings form the backbone of this chronological account together with his extensive correspondence.  The painter reveals his doubts, hopes and pride in success.  A parallel narration delineates the politics and artistic context, explaining how Courbert broke all the pictorial rules of his time.  A third voice describes the attacks that left him bloodied but unbowed.


2003 – 52’