Film Screening – Japanese movie – Love and Honor

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Thu, 2012/05/17 – 6:30pm

Film Review: Bushi no Ichibun / Love and Honor (2006)brought to you by Lotus and Chrysanthemum

Still Life, Samurai-Style

by Ender’s Girl

The Cast: 
Kimura Takuya, Dan Rei, Bando Mitsugoro, Sasano Takashi, Kobayashi Nenji, Momoi Kaori, Ogata Ken

Co-written and directed by Yamada Yoji / Shochiku Eiga, 2006

In a Nutshell:

Samurai Mimura Shinnojo and his wife Kayo find their comfortable life in disarray after a taste-testing session gone awry leaves Mimura blind — and unemployed. But as the two face an uncertain future in Tokugawa Japan, their relationship takes a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse .