Fête de la Musique – Non stop from 1 pm on 23 & 24 June!

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City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Sat, 2012/06/23 (All day) – Sun, 2012/06/24 (All day)




16 bands nonstop – Saturday 23 June – Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Fusion…


1:30 pm                     Treppenwitz                      Fairly new to the Bangalore music scene that hopes to take you through and alternative route to sonic utopia.

2:00  pm                    Flitter Maus                        Ambient, Progressive and Alternative rock straight from the 90s.

2:30   pm                   Clown with a frown         Some day, you shall be a king with a crown but until then, you are just a clown with a frown Miscellaneous Rock.

3:00 pm                     Wishbone                           A short selection of Jazz singles including George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’

3:30  pm                    Altered Scales                   A mix of Rock and Indian Ragas and jazz without losing the soul of each genre.

4:00    pm                  Pralayh                   The good old rock n roll genre in hindi

4:30 pm                     The Bonkers    This band brings folk music back to Bangalore – Acoustic & Folk!

5:00   pm                   By 2 Blues      Blues in its original format: unembellished and acoustic, with a harmonica.

5:30   pm                   Vidushi Geetha Navale with ‘Devi Project’  A veena player blessed with a very special touch.

6:00  pm      Indi Graffiti                       Hindi Rock Act! An amalgamation of sincere lyrics and simple yet soulful tunes with the power of rock n roll.

6:30 pm                     Dr Sangeetha & her Fusion Band                               Indo -Western Fusion Music !

7:00  pm                   Transit Point     New Metal rap core band with doses of reggae and melody.

7:30  pm                    Alloy                                      Music forged from melting 50% of the past with 30% of the present and 20% of the future into a seamless new…!

8:00 pm                     Infusion                               Funk Jazz – with improvisation

8:30 pm                    Ministry of Blues     A Blues-Rock band that plays a genre of music that originated in the 1900s, but combines it with a distinctly 21st-century flair

9:00 pm     Thermal and A Quarter  Bangalore Rock; a sound as unique and layered as the fast-growing city of its birth.


17 Bands nonstop – Sunday 24 June – Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Folk, Fusion, Rock n Roll…


1:00 pm                      Kairos                    Progressive melodies

1:30 pm                     Soular Flare   Electro acoustic. A wicked mix of pop, classical tabla and funky phrases on the sitar!

2:00 pm                      Towards Eternity    Combines the velocity of metal guitar riffs, screeches, clarity of clean vocals and raps

2:30 pm                      Ugly Fungus                       ‘Alternative’ in feel with influences from progressive, soul and ethnic tunes.

3:00 pm                      Azuric    Blues funk n rock! Blues with preservatives – some artificial but mostly organic.

3:30 pm                      Renegade                           Fuse primitive styles with an excess of heavy metal, a tinge of melody and clean vocals to create Thrash Metal.

4:00   pm                   CROCKCHETS – The rocking kids from World Music Center!

4:30  pm                    18th Cross Experiment – Blues Rock Collage from World Music Center.

5:00   pm                   Traffic Jam          Jazz Standards – Swing, Bossanova and Salsa with some Funk & Blues.

5:30 pm                     Prodigal Return     classical rock, metal, alternative…

6:00 pm                     Windoze              An electrifying touch to raw blues – experience the energy that drives them!

6:30 pm                      The Chronic Blues Circus  Creates music that is instantly recognizable as the bands own but still familiar to the listener.

7:00   pm                   Galeej Gurus  This band is set to give you a heady dose of Alternative, Funk and Blues _ Rock.

7:30 pm                      MoonArra   A fascinating mix of Indian music, jazz and blues. Discover World Fusion!

8:00 pm                      Rhythm and Raaga   Classical, Folk, Contemporary & Sufi… A fine blend of different genres!

8:30 pm        Chaitra Sontakke Raaga Lounge  A heady mix of Hindustani Classical with Electronics and futuristic sounds.

9:00 pm                      Bicycle Days      Bangalore psychedelic/alt rockers


This schedule is subject to change.  Please check for updates