Exhibition – Writism by Thomas Abraham

Dancing_art by Equus Gazing.jpg
City: Bangalore
Location: Atrium
Date: Thu, 2012/08/02 (All day) – Fri, 2012/08/03 (All day)

EQUUS GAZING (Thomas Abraham)


“…..late twentieth century Modern Art was about to fulfill its destiny which was to become nothing less than literature, pure and simple.”

-Tom Wolfe, ‘The Painted Word’

For 14 years in absolute obscurity, Equus Caballus Gazing, invented and conceptualized Writism.

In a way his reclusive stance in the art world, protected him from being buffeted by the current winds of contemporary art. Perhaps it let him find his unique voice, totally at Variance, in style and substance, to that of his peers. Perhaps it was his love for cinema and literature, along with his training in architecture (at one of the world’s premier institutions) that brought him to Writism. Strangely though he didn’t practice as an architect, it undoubtedly influenced his world view.

At 12 he lost his father. And in a sense it left him an orphan. He wasn’t particularly close to his mother – in a way; she was both the source of his sorrows and the fountainhead of his work. It left him permanently stigmatized with the seal of solitariness both as prophet and playboy. Without real friends, family or a people call home.

It’s inseminated his work – there are rarely ‘people in an Equus painting. It’s always the singular protagonist – not necessarily battling the universe, but just doing his stuff – one man furrowing his particular field.

She was 18 when she married him; but when the marriage fell slowly apart, to him, it was as if she had died. He moumed her for over half a decade and the wounds it left him, never really went away. Yet he kept his sorrow out of his art; his pain was his own, the world could have the art.

It hasn’t been an easy life, but perhaps it will yet be a worthy one.  Equus wasn’t an ambitious man, but the way he saw it, it was simply his dharma to but use best the little gifts Providence provided.

Instinctively rebellious, he was always at trouble at school and work – always at the brink of expulsion, without actually getting there. His inventiveness mirrored his natural rebelliousness – non-conformist, even if it meant non-conforming to the non-conforming. As far as he was concerned, ideology was for idiots – and as long as common sense prevailed, the world would be ok.

Innovation is always discovery not invention, a re-writing of history that results in the writing of the future. The allure of simplicity is that is deeply familiar to all without being apparently obvious – that idea that lay just below the surface of known knowledge, requiring but a peeling of a layer to reveal its final form, fully born, fully realized, fully useless. Art has to be useless and beautiful – it has to push past the concept of usefulness – for a moment – and then what’s left is only the beauty.

Born in the Middle East, educated in India & travelled worldwide, Equus sees himself a world citizen, with universal human values, unhindered by national or cultural territories, other than his faith. Born outside his home land, he’s at once the artist of the émigré and the artist of the native. Equus Caballus Gazing (a pseudonym he took on, in deference to his admiration for horses), currently resides in Bangalore, India.

This exhibition will be on view from 9am-7pm on the 2nd and 3rd August 2012.