Exhibition – The European Great Masters Series

Type: Event
Location: Atrium – AFB
City: Bangalore
Date: Thu, 2011/02/17 – 10:00am

The Menhir Art Gallary and Bal Utsav, are pleased to announce – The European Great Master Seriesan exhibition of Oil on Canvas.

This Exhibition cum Sale is premised on the idea that everyone can experience art, and everyone deserves to do so. It is a curatorial program that utilizes the universal language of art to unite people into action and thought on a broad spectrum of topics involving children.

The exhibition will be on view at the Alliance Francaise De Bangalore, Millers Tank Bund Road, Bengaluru, India. Premiering February 17, 2011 through February 21, 2011 

This exhibition is special as it showcases 100% Hand Made Authentic Reproductions; also a share of the proceeds raised through art and sales will go to Bal Utsav – a not-for-profit organization that offers comprehensive support and services to Children, Parents and Teaching Faculty to facilitate empowerment of Children. 

Children are 40% of India’ population and all of our future. Therefore here is an opportunity to make the life of Children beautiful. The funds raised would thereby remain an essential component of Bal Utsav’ annual operating budget and would additionally fund the various scholarships awarded, the educational outreach for children from Diverse backgrounds and the path breaking campaigns that help A Child Celebrate.


About The Artist:

                Sebastian John, a dedicated artist has shown his enthusiasm and passion for art since his early childhood. After his formal education, he specialized in The Great European Masters painting techniques. In the past he has undertaken Commissioned work for many art galleries in the Europe especially in the United Kingdom.

                In 1990 he joined Galleria Fine Arts, London and has since had the opportunity to interact with many European Master Artists. He currently is the Chief Artist with the Menhir Art Gallery. An amazingly talented artist, his thoughts, talent and merit is reflected in each of his work.


About Menhir Art Gallery:

                Menhir Art Gallery belongs to a group of artists based in Mumbai for over 20 years who have thousands of satisfied customer’s worldwide. Their paintings are authentic reproductions that use rough grain cotton canvas and the finest paints sourced from Europe.

                The people at Menhir Art Gallery help art lovers around the world to fulfill their dream of  owning famous pieces of art. It would be interesting to note that if one is looking to invest for future profits or to build a collection, and are unable to buy an original, the selection at  Menhir Art Gallery’ hand painted Reproductions would provide both.

About Bal Utsav:

                Bal Utsav is a voluntary association of organizations and individuals for worldwide and regional action concerning children, irrespective of any discrimination based on socio-economic status. The team at Bal Utsav have a vision to cherish every child’s dream by bringing them together under one roof regardless of their caste, creed, color and financial status. 

                Bal Utsav deals with issues that are common across different segments of society, while being sensitive to diverse backgrounds and geographic’. Bal Utsav is a voluntary organization, which strives to make A Child Celebrate…



For further information you may contact 

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                website: www.balutsav.org


Menhir Art Gallery:

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