Exhibition – Paris La Métisse

Type: Event
Location: Atrium – AFB
City: Bangalore
Date: Thu, 2011/05/05 (All day)

The Alliance Française de Bangalore


A Photo Exhibition

Paris, La Métisse

Multucultural Paris


Florence Batarière & Morgan Haël Jypsian

On view from 5 – 15 May

Atrium, Alliance Française de Bangalore

Inauguration on Friday 6th May at 6.00 pm


‘Paris La Metisse’, reveals the links and relationships between human beings whose identities and origins are different. This work portrays a humanist vision of the Parisian melting-pot through black and white pictures representing slices of life captured during the tiny trips up and down the streets of the French capital, for various events, festivals or as part of the daily routine…


The exhibition unfolds the cultural diversity of the French capital. The sensitivity of the writing and the photographic art of Florence Batarière and Morgan Haël Jypsian give the city of Paris a tangible dimension as a cultural crossroad.


All photos in black and white evoke aromas and perfumes of distant lands without leaving the capital:  Goutte-d’Or, Little Jaffna, the Place Vendôme in the Bastille area, Belleville in the Latin Quarter, Faubourg-Saint-Antoine to Ménilmontant, Paris unveils its multicultural facets, its unexpected and unspoken dialogues.


Some might question the absence of few communities or nationalities. The idea was not to establish statistics or to make a journalistic report on communities living in Paris but to propose a poetic and artistic vision of Paris, la métisse / multicultural Paris.