Exhibition of Two Amateur Artists

City: Bangalore
Location: Atrium
Date: Sat, 2012/04/21 (All day)

Exhibition of paintings by two amateur artists Sunish Jauhari and Shivani Phatak on 21st April at Alliance Française de Bangalore


About the artists:

Shivani Phatak

Shivani is a Management Graduate and been interested in nature and arts since childhood. What started off as a fascination towards arts for her turned into a serious painting talent when she was in college. Without being formally trained into fine arts, her passion towards it helped her to learn and explore various techniques.

As avid birdwatcher and trained naturalist, her paintings are mostly inspired

from “God’s Own Canvas”.

Most of her works are in oil and been exhibited at various forums. One of her painting was selected for display at International Canopy Conference held by ATREE in Bangalore.

Sunish Jauhari

Sunish is essentially a hobby-artist. He has been drawing and sketching since his childhood, mainly using charcoal and pencil. He has not had formal training in fine arts but always wanted to have one.


Sunish is a realism artist but enjoys other forms of expression too. He started with oil and acrylic paints about 5 years ago. Sunish likes to paint architecture, nature and wildlife. In the past, he has exhibited at Chitra Santhe, the amateur artist exhibition in Bangalore.