Exhibition – Insectophilia by Sachin

Type: Event
Location: Atrium – AFB
City: Bangalore
Date: Wed, 2011/04/13 (All day)


13 – 17 April I 10:00 am – 7:00 pm I Atrium, AFB

To start with, I have been involved in photography since a year and half. I bought my first camera in Sept.2009. It’s Canon IXUS100 IS. A basic compact digital camera.

Unlike everyone, I started clicking random pictures of sunsets, sceneries, and flora. I never had any purpose except curiosity…I used to carry my camera all the time everywhere and … once I happened to click a photograph of a small spider and was very amused to find that it had 8 eyes around its head. Till then I only knew that it had 8 legs! That was when I decided to dive into the world of small creatures and photograph them. I felt there was a lot more to explore, see and photograph because this is something that always passes unnoticed or ignored. I wanted to show it to all that small creatures are exceptionally beautiful and it has a big world of its own. It’s always amazing for me to spend time following them and photographing them and at the same time it’s a challenging job, physically very exhausting and it takes a lot of running since they wander from place to place..But that is what I love to do most!

I submitted some of my works to Gallery Hasta, Mangalore with the details. The gallery recognized my talent and offered me an opportunity to exhibit my works. I had a good support from friends, visitors and the media. The exhibition was named ‘Work In Progress’ It was my first solo photo exhibition backed by friends in the year 2010.

I then applied to The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kerala Govt.) with the details of my 1st exhibition, subject and the camera I use. And I made a request to assist me financially for my 2nd planned photo exhibition. The department accepted and backed me to conduct the exhibition named ‘The Macro Avatars’ in The Lalit Kala Akademy Gallery, Trivandrum in January 2011.

“Photography is the art and science of preserving our realities. Capturing the interesting or unusual for a memorable photograph has its own challenges – the need for a keen eye and precise sense of timing, combined with an innate artistic sense. The lens of Sachin has caught some of the minute dramas played out in nature by small, often unnoticed creatures. A grasshopper or beetle gains an endearing new identity with the intimate perspective that emerges from his camera. He is a promising young photographer.”

Giselle D Mehta, writer