Exhibition – A Piece of Heaven by Tarun Cherian

City: Bangalore
Location: Atrium
Date: Sun, 2012/06/03 (All day) – Sun, 2012/06/10 (All day)

Spiritual Artist, Tarun Cherian presents ‘A Piece of Heaven’ an art exhibition, principally of oils on canvas, at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore. Launching on 3rd June evening and continuing till 10th June 2012.


“For centuries Hindu philosophy has held on to its beliefs in the ultimate ananda… That (Tarun) Cherian has set out to rediscover and redefine it visually is indeed his forte.” – Aruna Bhomwick, The Statesman, Delhi.


‘A Piece of Heaven’ is Tarun’s 6th solo art show. And once again unveils Spiritual Mysteries. This time he focuses on one arcane aspect. The sheer joy of it. In fact, as he was seeking fresh inspiration, Tarun channelled God. “Paint me. Just Paint me.”, was the penetrating and humorous message received. And so as you stand in the gallery, suns will blaze, cosmic ripples will burst, and joyous colours will shower themselves on you from every wall.


To capture the sheer joy of the Creator, Tarun rewrote his palette. ‘A Piece of Heaven’, uses golden ochres, blazing chrome yellows, rich umbers, deeper mauves. The canvas itself is assaulted, texturalities, scumbling & impressionistic strokes bring alive the feverish force of The Creator. Tarun as always plays with materials. Alternating from canvas to raw sackcloth. Joyous oils to shimmering watercolours.


Many subseries within the exhibition subtly nudge the viewer to the next rung of the spiritual spiral. Works like A Chair for God gently pokes fun at, yet embraces our human literalness. Works like The Eye of God then reward us with a magnificent roar of energy. A Piece of Heaven, a work on a circular canvas asks us to reflect on how the same glorious truth is grasped by a multiplicity of hands.


Tarun Cherian has been exploring the farscapes of the inner universe for 35 years now. He is co-founder of Devadhara Healing, and Soul Jago Spiritual Awakening Pathway. So he is an exponent of one precious material that few modern artists use, a force variously called Prana, Ki, The Holy Spirit, Mantra Shakti. Many of the pieces typify Tarun’s ‘Shaktipats Disguised as Art’ approach. The paintings have been charged with spiritual energy. The same light that laughs in the paintings also fights the incurable through Devadhara Healing, skyrockets spiritual seekers and enlightens the confused through Creator’s Child Aura Seeing. So, collectors will be literally carrying home, A Piece of Heaven.


The opening itself is a deeply joyous event. Vocalist Anita Aswath will invoke the ultimate, Fusion Guitarist Arun Shankar will enthral with his aural soundscapes.


Tarun Cherian Contact: Web-Art: taruncherian.com Web-Spiritual: creatorschild.com

Email: creatorschild @gmail.com Tel: 080-25425143, 9880541264