Documentary Film Festival

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium, AFB
City: Bangalore
Date: Thu, 2011/03/24 – 7:30pm


The Fondation Alliance Française and the Alliance Française de Bangalore in Collaboration with the Bangalore Film Society bring to audiences a Festival of Documentary films titled“Sélection G.E.N.R.E”. An excellent selection of 5 short documentary films that have won many prestigious awards in many a film festival in France and abroad.


In someone’s shoes by Arnaud Malherbe


Comic fantasy, 21 min


Joseph, a small time delivery boy takes the place of De Michel, a dynamic executive, who dies co-incidentally in front of him. He lives in his apartment, gets into his clothes and goes to his office Monday morning. In spite of there being practically no resemblance between the two, strangely no one suspects the impersonation…


Angie by Olivier Megaton


Detective, 20 min


24th of December night, in a Police Station, the last witness of a fire accident that devastated a house and the entire family faces two inspectors. An in camera investigation that reveals a few very surprising nuggets of information…



Loyal Competition by Jean-Luc Herbulot


Thriller, 12 min



While his first victory over injustice is making headlines in media, Olivier Solano, a young advocate, is preparing a legal offensive against a big oil company. As he is explaining the case to his wife, the advocate is being targeted by a sharpshooter. However another sniper offers to accomplish the task at a better price to the brains behind the operation. Which sharpshooter will have the final word and shoot down the target?



All my life by Pierre Ferrière


Comedy, 6 min


On the road, Alessandra is hailed by an unknown man. Inspite of trying to bring back memories by evoking very beautiful moments of her life, his face remains totally unknown…




At day break by Xavier Gens


Thriller, 15 min


Marie, a forty year old woman opens her petrol bunk with the same morning ritual since losing her son. She is in fact waiting for him to return. She meets Antoine, who looks lost and whom she hastens to mother. However Antoine’s intentions are different …


A few scenes from this movie could shock sensibilities of the spectators