Danse DISCourse – Alarmel Valli on screen and on stage!

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Wed, 2012/02/29 – 6:30pm



Ashish Khokar’s Dance DISCourse will feature the latest film
made on Alarmel Valli’s art – Lasya Kavya. The film brings out the
beauty of her impeccable form and poignancy of a committed dancer’s life
to her muse. The film screening will be followed by an interactive
session  between Alarmel Valli  and Ashish Khokar with the audiences.


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About  Lasya Kavya – The world of Alarmel Valli – A Film by
Sankalp Meshram

Lasya Kavya, as the
name implies, is dance that is creative, graceful and beautiful. Talking about
his film, Sankalp Meshram says “Lasya Kavya, is an invitation for all of us to
come into the beautiful world of Alarmel Valli. It is a lyrical journey where I
have tried to share my rapture with you”.


Alarmel Valli’s
dance has been described as being “uncompromisingly classical, but, at the
same time, an undeniable language of self-expression…both a stylized idiom
and an idiolect, blurring the boundaries between tradition and the individual
talent, inheritance and invention..” The film examines this perception and
also the idea, that through dance, a dancer can be at once, poet, painter,
actor and singer.

Perceptive camera
work and skilful editing give the film a seamless quality. The dance sequences
are interwoven with glimpses into Alarmel Valli’s childhood, including a unique
sequence from her arangetram, at the age of nine.