Danse Dialogues – ZAHRBAT COMPANY

 Zahrbat 1 © Frédéric Iovino - Copy.eventnode
Type: Event
Location: JSS Auditorium, 1st Main, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
City: Bangalore
Date: Thu, 2011/11/10 – 7:30pm





Choreography and performance: Brahim Bouchelaghem

Original music: Manuel Wandji ; Lighting: Philippe Chambion

Production: Compagnie Accrorap, City of Grande-Synthe, Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines (Fondation de France – Parc de la Villette – Caisse des Dépôts – Acsé). With the support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté in Belfort


Duration: 35mins + 30 mins discussion with the public



Description of the show


In this solo performance, choreographer and hip hop dancer Brahim Bouchelaghem pays a magnificent tribute to his deceased father, an Algerian immigrant. Zahrbat (he who cannot stand still) is an intense emotional  presentation dedicated to a father who had left Algeria to work in France and was an inveterate poker player. The style is very personal: the dancer evolves in an atmosphere completely stripped of hip hop pomp, surrounded by exquisite lighting.


Both energetic and moving, this solo show signals the opening of hip hop to an artistic sensitivity steeped in personal stories; this choreographic composition, an intimate tribute, is in perfect osmosis with the décor, images, music and lights and reconstitutes the child’s perspective in a virtuoso dancer.  Hailed unanimously by French critics,Zahrbat is also a performance that deals with French society and the memory of immigration.



About Brahim Bouchelaghem


French dancer and choreographer Brahim Bouchelaghem is a self-taught hip hop dancer, learning from street life and through television programmes promoting this culture. He gradually perfected his technique and obtained the recognition of his peers. He has worked with well-known French hip hop companies such as Mourad Merzouki’s Compagnie Käfig and Kader Attou’s Compagnie Accrorap, and with dancer-choreographer Carolyn Carlson. Zahrbat, conceived in 2004, is Bouchelaghem’s maiden artistic venture and has been performed in Europe, China, Russia, Korea, among other places.



Link to video: http://www.ccn-roubaix.com/images/stories/interface/jw_player.swf?file=http://www.ccn-roubaix.com/images/stories/Brahim/Zahrbat/VIDEO/Zahrbat.flv&autostart=true