Danse Dialogues – NRITARUTYA

Type: Event
Location: JSS Auditorium, 1st Main, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
City: Bangalore
Date: Thu, 2011/11/10 – 7:00pm





Choreography: Sathya B.G and Madhuri Upadhya ; Light Design: Arun Murthy ; Dancers: Mayuri Upadhya, Sathya B.G, Geetha Ballal, Umesh Naidu, Vishwa Kiran, Rohan Raj, Niranjan, Kirthi Basavarajiah; Music: Darbuka Shiva, Rzhude David ; Costumes: Mayuri Upadhya, Deepika Govind ; Painting: Madhuri Upadhya ; Property:Suresh Kumar Gopal Reddy



Description of the shows 




Duration : 15 minutes


Duration :

Mars is a technical piece that aims to expose the many layers and dimensions that make up a man. As a dance creation, it brings to light, the male energy, the confidence and physicality

inherent in them. The piece is energetic, very physical and nirtta based with mainly male performers. Using a vocabulary of Bharathanatyam infused with physical theatre and contact work, the act aims to push the body to its creative limits in the context of dance.

A unique property of a see-saw is used in a metaphorical manner to highlight the various levels that exist in the societal representation of man, the shades of experience he lives through for survival.

Percussive sounds from Indian and African instruments pack the musical score with a distinct, original style.


About the Choreographer: Sathya B.G


Principal choreographer and creative Director of Nritarutya, Sathya’s training has been in Modern Dance techniques. His unique, physically demanding compositions make people reach deep within for reserves of strength. Sathya’s talent extends to Graphic designing, acting, composing and editing music as well. His well known creations include Mars, Tha, 3 sides of a Coin and Intersection.




Duration : 15 minutes



“Chittara”is a visually stimulating multimedia presentation where dancers create striking images on stage drawn from a variety of kaleidoscopic Rangoli patterns. The piece seeks inspiration from a typical south Indian morning, where one can hear ‘Suprabhatam’, see Rangolis being drawn in front of homes to salute the beginning of the day. The music offers an interesting combination of Tanpura with a fantastic array of percussion and string instruments.


About the Choreographer: Madhuri Upadhya


Associate Director and choreographer of Nritarutya, Madhuri is working on an advanced vocabulary that melds dance, fine and visual arts. Her degree in painting and her training in Kathak gives her creations structure and grounding.

Madhuri’s approach to contemporary dance draws from Indian folk culture, puppetry, and paintings.