Danse Dialogues – BEAU GESTE COMPANY

 Transports exceptionnels Priasso 1 © Jean-Louis Fernandez - Copy.eventnode
Type: Event
Location: Brigade Gateway, Dr. Raj Kumar Road, 80 Ft. Road, Malleshwaram West
City: Bangalore
Date: Sat, 2011/11/12 – 7:00pm




Credits :

Conception and choreography: Dominique BOIVIN

Performers: Philippe PRIASSO and Eric LAMY


Duration: 22 mins


Description of the show


Dancing with an excavator. This is the challenge that choreographer Dominique Boivin has successfully met in“Exceptional Transports”. Exploiting the possibilities offered by the arm of the machine and its rotation, he uses it inventively, like a hand, transporting, embracing, and sometimes pushing away the dancer who, dangling from the bucket, executes graceful figures. This unexpected meeting between a man and a machine is replete with poetry, giving the spectator a dreamlike impression of a child dancing with a giant iron animal.



About Dominique Boivin


French choreographer and dancer Dominique Boivin started his artistic training with several years of acrobatic dance before pursuing classical dance. He finally decided on contemporary dance and remains enduringly influenced by the great masters of contemporary and modern dance, such as Merce Cunningham and Alwin Nikolais. With the Beau Geste troupe, he created other works that focused on the personality of the dancer and the movement that is distinctive to them by venturing into multiple modes of representation (cabaret, dancing conference, street play, etc.). Boivin’s “Exceptional Transports” is an international success, which has travelled to many European cities and to China, Brazil, United States, South Africa, etc.



For more information about Beau Geste Company: www.ciebeaugeste.com



Link to video: http://www.wat.tv/video/transports-exceptionnels-k200_2ginx_.html