Dance DISCourse – Sarpa Story and Annual awards night

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium
City: Bangalore
Date: Wed, 2011/10/12 – 6:30pm

The attendance

Annual Dance Event & Honors



Special show of Sarpa Sutra, directed, scripted and scored by playwright, Gowri Ramnarayan, featuring Sheejith Krishna in the lead and singer, Nisha Rajagopalan from Chennai. Sarpa Sutra is rated as one of the best dance-theatre productions.




A lesser-told story from Mahabharata, this tale of revenge and counter-revenge is told through two voices: Veda Vyasa’s and Arun Kolatkar’s as narrated by Gowri Ramnarayan. Singer, Nisha Rajagopalan and the dancer, Sheejith Krishna, perform the main roles, one offstage through her voice and singing, and the other through body movements depicting the Kathakali type of Bharatanatyam,. This is natya at its best, for, all elements meet and merge cohesively and form a finely meshed piece.



From Malaysia, comes iconic dancer-choreographer, Ramli Ibrahim, to showcase his art through a short film on his Sutra Dance Theatre.


Annual Dance Awards will be conducted by Madhu Nataraj and Muralimohan Kalva

–          The Ram Gopal Best Male Dancer Award 2011

–          The Mohan Khokar Award for Overall Excellence in Indian Dance 2011

Plus the new award instituted this year,

–          The Uday Shankar Award for Choreography & Showmanship