Dance DISCourse – Orissi…Odissi…Odishi

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City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Sat, 2012/09/29 – 6:30pm

Alliance Française – Ashish Mohan Khohar’s

Dance DISCourse

The tradition continues …………………..


Leading dancers of the form from Bengaluru join to celebrate orissi, perform the traditional repertoire, demonstrate and talk on varied techniques and nuances, pay rich tributes to the founding gurus and their contributions in the remarkable journey of the great tradition as it moves, in the next edition of Dance DISCourse series to be held on September 29, 2012 at Alliance Française at 6:30pm.


Dance DISCourse is India’s only regular, academic exchange on the state of the art of dance. It was initiated 2 years ago, to bring closer the IT-science city with classical Inidan arts. Every alternate month, a subject, an aspect, a concern, a form or an artiste is platformed. In its 3rd year now, it continues to grow bigger, wider, more engaging and participatory. Without any support from the government or any private agency, Ashish Mohan Khokar, celebrated art historian, scholar and activist, in association with Alliance Française, continues to engage, unite, enlighten, inspire and enchant the audiences and art-lovers at the common man’s ever-expanding space for dance discourse and dialogue with this increasingly popular series, Dance DISCourse, truly a people’s participatory gathering as all generations come. On the next edition of the series, the focus will be on the classical dance, Orissi.


Over the centuries, the living tradition of Orissi has been perpetuated by the Maharis (devdasis from Orissa) and the Gotipuas (Young boy dancers dressed as girls). The lyrics of the Geeta Govinda written by poet Jayadeva form an internal part of the abhinaya in Orissi. Complemented by soulful music, this extremely elegant dance of lyrical beauty cast a spell on spectators. The event promises a delightful evening in store for all art lovers when leading Orissi exponents from Bengaluru city, Madhulita Mohapatra, Sarita Mishra, Argha Chatterjeee, Vandana Supriya, Meghna Das, Shwetha Krishna and others, perform the complete repertoire, starting with invocatory Mangalacharan, followed by Battu, Pallavi and Abhinaya, and concluding with Mokshya, The artistes will also demonstrate and talk on varied techniques and nuances of the form.