Contemporary Dance – ANIKAI

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium, AFB
Date: Sat, 2011/02/05 – 7:00pm – Sun, 2011/02/06 – 3:00pm
Price: Rs 300

ANIKAI Dance Theatre Company

Sun 6 Feb I 3 pm & 7 pm I Auditorium, AFB

“ANIKAI” Dance is the most recent incarnation of Choreographer Wendy Jehlen’s company that has been evolving since 1998 in India, Italy, Japan and the US.  Moving across, amongst, between and in the space between cultural, linguistic and geographic boundaries are the modus operandi of the company and the choreographer.


Seven dancers in Forest take us into the archetypal world of the forest, the jungle.  ANIKAI Dance takes you into this world at its roots, draws you into its branches, and sends you flying up through the canopy.

He Who Burns


He Who Burns is an exploration through movement, text, video, and music of the figure of Iblis (Satan) as understood in some Sufi traditions.  Through this lens, the dance-theater piece explores the nature of humanity’s relationship with the divine, the eternal quest for unity and the illusion of duality in the human experience.

50% discount available for members of the Alliance.  Only 20 tickets available for each show.

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