Concert – WAX TAILOR

His first album, Tales of Forgotten Melodies, mixing hip-hop, down-tempo, trip-hop with snatches of visuals from films became, in 2005, one of the best electronic releases of the year. ‘Tales’ propelled this Frenchman to stardom in his home country and spent 28 straight weeks in the iTunes Top Electronic Albums and remains there to date.

His second album.  Hope & Sorrow was nominated for ‘Victoires de la Musique’ and US Indie music award. An artist’s second album is often seen as the moment of truth. Released in spring, it sold 50 000 copies just in France and continues to be applauded by public, press & radios.

Wax Tailor confirms his musical identity. Often categorized as trip-hop or down tempo hip-hop, Wax Tailor breaks musical barriers using a sonic palette to demonstrate his life chronicles tainted in soul, jazz, and funk.