Concert – Under Kontrol

Under Kontrol lr.jpg
City: Bangalore
Location: OPUS, Palace Cross Road
Date: Fri, 2012/03/23 (All day)


Beat Box Champions from France in Bangalore


Under Kontrol is a combo made up of 100% beatbox. The members are MicFlow, Mister Lips, Tiko and Fayabraz.

World Champion team in 2009, the  this talented foursome has teamed up with Soweto Kinch, Laurent Garnier, Bernard Purdie…, always looking for new sounds and encounters. Live, all songs  emanating from the quartet develop into real vistas with layered atmospheres supported by a light show calibrated to the millimeter! Zygomatic acrobatics, triple rhythmic somersaults render their performance electric.

The band brought out its first album named ‘1’ last year on I.O.T Records / Full Rhizome and their motto is “Strictly from the mouth”…

“Rhythms are crossed and superposed, weaving a canvas of sound illusions. Drum kits, cymbals, scratches, percussions… Just with the mouth […]”

– LE MONDE, P. Labesse, August 17/18, 2008.

“These guys are like the Human Beatbox Temptations”

– De La Soul – June 2009