Concert – Titi Robin – Live in Bangalore with renowned Indian musicians!

Type: Event
Location: OPUS, Palace Cross Road
City: Bangalore
Date: Fri, 2011/07/08 – 9:00pm
Price: Rs 100


A Pays de la Loire, Alliance Française de Bangalore and OPUS presentation


Titi Robin who was greatly appreciated by Bangalore audiences is back again in the city with famous Indian musicians:



Murad ALI (sarangi)

Vinay MISHRA (harmonium)

Vinayat NETKE (tabla)






This is what Titi Robin has to say about the musicians he is playing with:

The musicians who are joining me on these shores are from different regions. This is “a dream cast”, I am indeed very lucky to be surrounded by so much talent. Each musician is one of the best in his domain.


Book your seats now at OPUS! For students and members of the Alliance Française, Bangalore, Entry Fee: Only Rs 100. Call 9844030198!


Titi Robin:



For more than 30 years, Titi Robin has navigated across the confluence of Gypsy, Oriental and European cultures, riding the impetuous and majestic waves that flow from the buttresses of India across Central Asia up to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This is where he has researched and patiently built an original aesthetic world.


But it is impossible to reduce his art to a simple desire to mix sounds and styles. Titi Robin’s music expresses what words often struggle to convey:  it speaks of the extreme solitude of the soul, of the bare truth of emotion, of the delicate grandeur of love often tinged with violence, which the world’s beauty can awaken in each one of us.


Titi Robin plays the guitar, the bouzouq and the oud, and exclusively composes his many projects.


” I do think Titi Robin is one of the world’s great musicians and visionaries.”

Charlie Gillet, BBC-London, 2009


“Une des plus singulières trajectoires d’artiste en France (One of the most singular artists’ journeys in France).”




The project:

The project “triptych” was born of Titi Robin’s wish to “give back” to these countries and their inhabitants that nourished him with their influences for the last 30 years, their musical and artistic generosity by creating new repertoires with local musicians in each country, recording the product of these creations and getting local partners in each one of these countries to bring out discs so that the Moroccan, Indian and Turkish people can discover the outcome of this work.


This initiative is unique and arises from the observation that though a number of  Indian, Moroccan and Turkish musicians come to Europe (and the United States) to record discs for the  people of the West, it is only very rarely that the fruit of this work reaches the Indian, Turkish or Moroccan people …