Concert – Infusion

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium
City: Bangalore
Date: Fri, 2011/09/09 – 8:00pm



Infusion meant to incorporate ,  to infuse a thought  , a process. All with the intent of stretching the boundaries of the musical language that we practice . Jazz has survived and remained alive as it allows creative freedom of expression to all who are playing together within a structure . The Members are part of the process of contribution in improvisation .

So in the true sense of the word the band practices what they preach .




Jazz , is the genre of music that we play , and Jazz is something that cannot be strictly defined within two parallel lines .

There are so many variations of what we call Jazz , starting from the unique style of Louis Armstrong , to the plaintive notes of Miles Davis’s trumpet , to the experimental Jazz rock / Funk Jazz that Weather Report played in their hey days .

However to be fair to all jazz lovers  , Infusion plays a form of modern Jazz that cannot be called Avant-garde, but is definitely not in the classification of Dixieland or Be Bop .

The style is very much like the 70’s experimental music played by the Return to Forever band and improvisations on the same. Chick Correa, Jean Luc Ponty, Stanley Clarke , Lenny White , Jaco Pastorious,  are musicians that have influence the band immensely .

The band also plays a lot of classic Jazz Standards that are completely improvised to render a very different sound that is both refreshing and dynamic .

With Manoj George, a guest artist who will perform with us on Electric violin, we would like to bring in a dynamism into the music that can also influence the young and get them excited enough to understand and explore  the finesse and allure of what we call Jazz