Concert – Indalousies

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium
City: Bangalore
Date: Sun, 2011/10/16 – 7:00pm


Akim El Sikameya on an Indian tour! Be there!


Born in Oran, after 16 years of Arab Andalusian conservatory, Akim El Sikameya experienced exile early in life. He arrived in France during the ‘dark decade of Algerian conflict’. In Marseille, he discovered flamenco, gypsy and jazz music and incorporated these genres into his musical tradition to create an original work, a coming together of cultures that revives the original Arab Andalusian philosophy, a music born out of 3 monotheist cultures.


Spotted for his rare voice – that of a counter tenor with a marvellous vocal range and his unique style of playing the violin; standing with the instrument placed on his thigh, Akim El Sikameya became the darling of WOMAD festivals (initiated by Peter Gabriel) in 2005. He travelled across the globe, from Japan to Canada via Europe, Singapore and even India. Success in India had such an impact on this musician that he has since been dreaming of returning to this country to draw inspiration from Indian music so celebrated for its richness —- Mission accomplished with this present concert tour!


This tour is an opportunity to present his new album, Un Chouia d’Amour, with a totally new scenic arrangement, conceived specially for the Indian audiences: Arab Andalusian violin, folk guitar, gypsy accordeon, Algerian mandolin and percussions; a mega contemporary intercultural mix to enthuse these concerts,  in sync with the spirit of the tour. This tour is also an opportunity for the artist to draw from the many indo-European inspirations for his next album that he is working on, whose title: Indalousies says it all.


He is not just a charming poet, Akim El Sikameya has always been committed to his duties as a citizen. Although he lives in Paris, he organizes many intercultural projects – the Noubas d’Ici (www.lesnoubasdici.com) being one of them – alongside his musical carrier. As artistic director he conceives innovative pluri-disciplinary evenings open to all.


Akim El Sikameya is a complete artist, a committed poet and a veritable showman to discover, know and rediscover!


The evening begins with Rythm and Raaga – Fusion and Beyond!!


Two great groups to listen to this Sunday !