Concert – Hadouk Trio

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Mon, 2012/02/06 – 7:30pm

Celebrating 25 years of Bangalore School of Music

Institut Français, the Alliance Française de Bangalore and the Bangalore School of Music present

Hadouk Trio


Adventure seeking multi-instrumentalists adroit at freeing both your mind and your body.


The sonic possibilities with this group are endless and the enchanting quality is so pervasive you may just feel like a fourth member of the trio!

Line up:


Didier Malherbe: doudouk, flute, khen…

Loy Ehrlich: hajouj, kora, sanza, gumbass

Steve Shehah: percussions, hang


Hadouk Trio’s music takes us towards and into an ethereal world.

Welcome aboard Air Hadouk! Fly ‘Aerozen’ and explore the beginning of new instrumental metamorphoses: the khen, the Laotian mouth organ, is wrapped in electrical energy, the hang, a mix between a steel drum and a gamelan, enters into the world of chromaticism; the doudouk steps into of the shoes of jazz, le hajouj, a bass originally from the desert made from camels skin becomes a piccolo, heightening the tone; the appearance of the bahu flute, with its free Chinese reed, creates a wave of movement. Swings and loops, high voltage rhythms and gliding harmonies, our 3 co-pilots opt for free style.


Enjoy your flight into the Hadouk land!